SterileStart Bio-pest Management - Crawl Spaces

SterileStart Charleston Bio-pest Management


Less mold in your Crawl Space = less mold in your Home! SterileStart for Crawl Spaces treats existing mold and odor-causing bacteria and helps protect against future mold and bacteria at a fraction of the cost of encapsulation.

Revolutionary Cold Vapor Diffusion

  • Vaporized fungicidal, anti-microbial disinfectants kill bio-pests on contact and provide residual protection.
  • Maximum distribution due to the unique fluid and thermo dynamic properties of the Cold Vapor Diffusion process.
  • Penetrates through and around floor insulation and even into damp, porous materials - something spraying and fogging just can’t do.

Mold Control without Encapsulation

  • All vented crawl spaces have unwanted mold, but only 10-20% have excessive or elevated moisture, requiring encapsulation
  • Mold in 80-90% of crawl spaces can be effectively treated and managed without encapsulation
  • SterileStart can treat and control mold in your crawl space at a fraction of the cost of encapsulation

EPA Registered, Anti-Microbial Disinfectants

  • Fungicidal, Bactericidal, Virucidal – i.e. kills/inactivates
  • Fungistat and Bacteriostat – i.e. inhibits growth
  • Deodorizes as it disinfects!

If you are looking for a Charleston Mold Testing experts, then please call us at 843-881-4803 or complete our online request form.

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