SterileStart Bio-pest Management - Charleston Treatment & Protection for Mold, Bacteria and Viruses

SterileStart Charleston Bio-pest Management

SterileStart is Charleston’s business-to-business disinfection/sanitizing service available to a broad range of service providers including Property Managers, HVAC Contractors, Real Estate Agents, Pest Control Contractors, Renovation Contractors and New Home Builders for the benefit of their residential and light commercial clients/customers.

SterileStart was originally developed by GLS Engineering to address lingering bio-pests, such as mold, bacteria and viruses, left behind from previous owners/tenants, or originating from renovations and/or new construction. It is also highly effective as a final disinfection/sanitizing following Indoor Air Quality improvements and HVAC replacement/modifications, or for the immune-compromised or other occupants sensitive to bio-contaminants.

SterileStart and COVID-19

In these challenging times, SterileStart can provide peace of mind knowing that every surface touched by, or exposed to, past occupant, contractors, inspectors, agents, buyers, etc. have been disinfected/sanitized prior to occupancy.

It’s a virus-free fresh start for your home or office.

SterileStart uses revolutionary Cold Vapor Diffusion (unmatched by electrostatic, ULV, or dry fogging) and a true, hospital disinfectant (the disinfectant used by SterileStart was on the original March 3rd EPA list of disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19).

If you are looking for a Charleston Mold Testing experts, then please call us at 843-881-4803 or complete our online request form.

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