Attic Moisture Inspection

Is your ductwork located in the attic? Does the Air Handler for you air conditioning system sweat during the summer and drip water into the auxiliary pan? Are any of you ducts partially covered with insulation?

Attics can be more problematic than most people would expect. They can be a harbor for out of control mold growth (mostly not visible) and result in contamination of the living space below. We often suggest mold samples being taken in conjunction with an attic assessment to determine if the unregulated humidity in your attic may be impacting the interior of the home. This is particularly important when HVAC ductwork is located in the attic or if occupants are experiencing suspect health-related issues.

GLS Engineering is uniquely qualified to provide the most professional, unbiased evaluation of your attic. We are mechanical engineers that concentrate almost exclusively on moisture, building envelope and indoor air issues. Should corrective measures be necessary, we can recommend highly-qualified, personally vetted contractors.

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