Crawl Space Moisture Inspection

Naturally ventilated crawl spaces have a habit of harboring moisture. One of the most readily visible signs of a moisture problem in the crawl space is the seasonal or year-round cupping of hardwood floors. The cupping floors may just be an indicator of a more serious issue - excessive moisture that can cause serious structural damage to your home, or worse, create mold-related health concerns for you and your family.  Homeowners may also be alerted to high moisture in their crawl space by their pest control/termite bond company. In addition to elevated moisture being an attractant for insects, many termite bonds are voided if excessive moisture is present.

GLS Engineering can assess the condition of your crawl space and determine if corrective action is necessary. We are not trying to sell you corrective services, so you know you are getting an unbiased evaluation. We often suggest mold samples being taken in conjunction with the crawl space assessment to determine if the unregulated humidity in your crawl space may be impacting the interior of the home. This is particularly important when HVAC ductwork is located in the crawl space or if occupants are experiencing suspect health-related issues. GLS Engineering is uniquely qualified to provide the most professional, unbiased evaluation of your crawl space. We are mechanical engineers that concentrate almost exclusively on moisture, building envelope and indoor air issues. Should corrective measures be necessary, we can recommend highly-qualified, personally vetted contractors and certify the crawl space upon project completion.

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