Professional Charleston Odor Investigations

Odor Investigations in Charleston

Do you have an odor problem? No, I’m not talking about your gym clothes after a workout! I’m talking about persistent, unpleasant or unexplained odors in your home or business. Foul odor? Musty smell? Damp odor? or Chemical smells? Bad odor that only one person can detect?

GLS Engineering & Testing can help!

We have extensive experience in getting to the bottom of unwanted odors, even ones that are barely detectable or intermittent. And it is not unusual for an odor to be detected by, and bother, only one occupant, so you’re not crazy if no one else can smell it.

Whether it is building, moisture, mold, HVAC or chemical related, our odor inspections are tremendously successful in detecting the root cause. And once we have determined the source of the odor, we can develop a solution. Don’t live with that unwanted smell any longer!

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