Care Givers

Care Givers and mold in Charleston

Are you a primary caregiver for someone in your home? Are they immune deficient? Susceptible or sensitive to mold? Other unexplained health-related issues? Are you concerned there might be something in the air causing them to be less than comfortable? Or do you just want to make sure your home provides the best indoor environment possible?

GLS Engineering specializes in the indoor environment. If health issues are a concern, we can test for potential indoor air pollutants. If mold, allergens or other pollutants are discovered, we will use our vast indoor environmental background to develop a realistic solution. And if your goal is to make your indoor environment as good as it can be, we have the building science, HVAC and indoor air quality background and experience to provide cost effective solutions.

If you are looking for South Carolina mold testing, call GLS Engineering at 843-881-4803, or fill out our online request form.