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Homeowners and mold in Charleston

Concerned about mold or moisture in your home? Do you or someone in your family have health issues that might be caused or aggravated by mold or other allergens? Do you have a damp crawl space? Is your HVAC ductwork located in the crawl space? Do you have an attic where HVAC ductwork and air handler are installed? Does your air handler "sweat" during the summer?

Everyone wants their home to be a healthy safe haven, but we live in a climate where that is a challenge. Moisture and high humidity in the Lowcountry are unavoidable and inevitably lead to mold. Through professional testing and investigation, GLS Engineering can help you ensure that you interior living space, crawl space and attic are mold and moisture free.

GLS Engineering specializes in the indoor environment (and adjacent spaces that so often affect the interior, such as crawl spaces and attics). If health issues are a concern, we can test for potential indoor air pollutants. If mold, allergens or other pollutants are discovered, we will use our vast indoor environmental background to develop a realistic solution. And if your goal is to make your indoor environment as good as it can be for you and your family, we have the building science, HVAC and indoor air quality background and experience to provide cost effective solutions.

If you are looking for South Carolina mold testing, call GLS Engineering at 843-881-4803, or fill out our online request form.