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SterileStart Charleston Bio-pest Management

As an environmental engineer with over 20 years of Indoor Air Quality experience, it is alarming how many Lowcountry homes have unwanted (and unhealthy) levels of microbial contamination - Yes, even super clean homes! But why should we be surprised? It's not a judgment on housekeeping, quality of construction or your HVAC system; it's simply a function of where we live. We routinely treat for obvious pests like ants and cockroaches; but because bio-pests are rarely visible, and even though we live in their ideal environment, they go mostly ignored.

Out of sight, out of mind... but not without consequences.

SterileStart is a safe and extremely effective pharmaceutical-grade purification process that drastically reduces airborne contaminants and aggressively attacks surface bio-pests in your home, eliminating their immediate threat and limiting future activity. Every home has unwanted bio-pests - don’t let the ones in your home compromise your family’s health!

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