Lead Paint Testing

The most common concern with lead is that it may be contained in painted surfaces. Subsequently, it may exist in the air in the form of dust, particularly during renovation work. To avoid the health risks associated with lead poisoning, it’s important to have your home or business tested by a professional testing company to determine your exposure. Depending on the level of exposure, lead can cause damage to the nervous system including, headaches, high blood pressure, digestive problems or muscle and joint disorders.

The two types of lead testing we perform are:

  • Bulk Paint Testing — determines the lead content of suspect painted surfaces in your home.
  • Air Testing — samples the actual concentration of lead dust in the air.

Note: Federal regulations require that home sellers provide a lead disclosure to home buyers purchasing a home built prior to 1978. Subsequent renovations may cause disturb painted surfaces leading to lead based paint chips or Lead Based Paint (LBP) dust that can be ingested or inhaled by occupants. Therefore, testing suspect paint before beginning renovations is advisable.

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