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Encapsulated Crawl Spaces

(also known as Closed or Sealed Crawl Spaces)

What’s All the Talk About?

If you don’t know what an encapsulated crawl space is, you might want to do some research. If properly designed and installed, closed crawl spaces WORK – that’s what all the talk is about!

  • No cupping floors (moisture is equalized above and below the floors)
  • No wood decay/rot (wood stays dry, 10-15% wood moisture content)
  • No mold (no excess moisture, relative humidity is maintained at 50-60%)
  • And termites hate dry wood Building New? Renovating? Have an Existing Ventilated Crawl Space? Call GLS Engineering & Testing today to find out more about the advantages of an Engineer-Certified Closed Crawl Space (ECCCS)

Why an Engineered-Certified Closed Crawl Space?

  • Confidence – that your closed crawl space will be designed and implemented with oversight by GLS Engineering & Testing, a SC registered engineering firm specializing in residential/light commercial moisture control.
  • Confidence – that all relevant issues will be explored and addressed including site conditions, drainage, humidity, crawl space layout, interior temperature control, duct location, etc.
  • Confidence – that our engineers will work closely with the installation crew during the construction phase and provide valuable technical assistance and consulting services.
  • Confidence – that common mistakes will be avoided – our experience will help avoid common mistakes encountered with crawl space moisture control.
  • Confidence – that you are installing only what you need. GLS Engineering & Testing will design the right system for your application and nothing more.
  • Confidence – that you will receive documentation detailing the scope of work and verification that the project was installed as designed and meets all applicable codes. The documentation provided by GLS Engineering & Testing is a valuable asset in the event of a future sale and shows that the project was designed and installed in a professional manner.

If you would like to learn more about Engineered Closed Crawl Spaces, call today. 843-881-4803


This crawl space located in Snee Farm in Mt. Pleasant was covered with mold and wood destroying fungi. After removal of the insulation and cleaning the floor system, the crawl space was closed and dehumidified with commercial- grade equipment. The crawl space is now maintained at a relative humidity of 50-60%, well below that necessary to support fungal activity. Closed crawl spaces such as this one also prevent hardwood floors from cupping and since there is no longer mold growing on the floor system, provide for a better environment in the living space above.

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