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Bacteria Removal For Your Charleston Home

Most indoor air quality specialists seem to be fixated on investigating mold and overlook bacteria as an underlying microbial problem. Bacteria typically outnumber fungi in the indoor environment and can also account for many of the foul odors often attributed to mold. Bacterial contamination in the home and HVAC system(s) has been linked to many health issues, including hypersensitivity pneumonitis in building occupants.

Bacteria are different than all other life forms on earth because they are single-celled, prokaryotic organisms. "Prokaryotic" refers to the lack of membrane-bound nuclei and organelles in their cellular makeup. Bacteria are free-living and can utilize a variety of carbon food sources. The environment is literally teeming with bacteria, many of which are innocuous and not associated with human disease. Of concern to Indoor Air Quality, however, are the potentially pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria that can proliferate your Charleston home or office.

Advanced Microbial Management - SterileStart's whole-home solutions are safe and extremely effective against unseen bacteria lingering in your home and provide 24/7 protection to limit future activity.

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