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Sick Home Syndrome

Sick Home Syndrome

Unexplained, constant and/or recurring home-related illnesses...

Sick Home Syndrome is a phenomenon where occupants develop specific physical symptoms when spending time in their home. Symptoms often include cough, chest tightness, nausea, lightheadedness, throat and nasal irritation, fatigue or other constant and/or recurring illnesses.

Sick Home Syndrome is your body's reaction to pathogens (mold and bacteria), mycotoxins, and/or toxic chemicals or VOCs. In general, the definition of true Sick Home Syndrome is that these symptoms are experienced only while you are in your home, seem to rapidly disappear when you leave, and return upon reentering the home. The effects of Sick Home Syndrome, however, can extend beyond the home depending on the root cause, such as with mold, mycotoxins or bacterial exposure.

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