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SterileStart provides 24/7 protection for the Immunocompromised against fungal, bacterial and viral pathogens.

The body’s immune system uses a number of defenses to prevent or get rid of infections caused by organisms such as bacteria, fungi or viruses. The immune system, however, can be weakened (immunocompromised) by a number of diseases and/or their treatments.

SterileStart was developed by environmental engineer Louis Schweers, PE after 25 years of field experience and the understanding that virtually all homes (yes, even the super clean ones) have levels of biological contamination that 1) continuously burden healthy immune systems and 2) significantly increase the risk of infection in the immunocompromised.

Over 60% of the Charleston area homes we test have Aspergillus (mold) counts that exceed industry guidelines for a “clean” building, and over 90% of homes exceed more stringent medical guidelines. Rarely visible in the home, Aspergillus is the mold most commonly associated with health reactions and is of particular concern for those with a weakened immune system.

SterileStart solutions drastically reduce both airborne and surface bio-contaminants in the home, thereby limiting exposure for those faced with disease or treatment-induced immunodeficiency.

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