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It is alarming how many Lowcountry homes have unhealthy levels of biological contamination (Bio-Burdens). Yes, even super clean homes! But why should we be surprised? It's not a judgment on housekeeping, quality of construction or your HVAC system; it's simply a function of our humid environment coupled with modern living. We routinely treat for obvious pests like cockroaches; but because bio-pests are rarely visible, and even though we live in their ideal environment, they go mostly ignored.

Out of site, out of mind... but not without consequences.

SterileStart offers professional solutions that drastically reduce airborne contaminants and aggressively attack surface bio-pests in your home, eliminating their immediate threat and providing 24/7 future protection. Every home has unwanted bio-pests - don’t let them affect your family’s health!

Air Purification

There’s more to indoor air quality in Charleston than buying high-efficiency filters. While filters are a useful first defense against larger particles, they are no match for a multitude of microbials that can endanger your health. Even high-efficiency pleated filters stop short of filtering viruses and VOCs and most bacteria and mold spores. And that is if the contaminants even make it to the filter in the first place.

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Mold Removal

Although mold contamination is only one component of negative indoor air quality, it can be a significant contributor and needs to be addressed effectively. And it needs to be addressed down to every last microscopic spore. Although water leaks can be an obvious catalyst, most mold problems in Charleston that result in a health-related reaction result from elevated or unregulated humidity in the home. Let’s face it, we live in a swamp! But that swamp doesn’t have to result in health woes.

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Bacteria Removal

Most indoor air quality specialists seem to be fixated on investigating mold and overlook bacteria as an underlying microbial problem. Bacteria typically outnumber fungi in the indoor environment and can also account for many of the foul odors often attributed to mold. Bacterial contamination in the home and HVAC system(s) has been linked to many health issues, including hypersensitivity pneumonitis in building occupants.

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Odor Removal

Many of the solutions SterileStart provides to protect the immunocompromised and provide relief for the bio-pest sensitive are also excellent at eliminating odors! By eliminating/neutralizing mold and odor-causing bacteria (and their associated byproducts), odors are eliminated, leaving you with a fresh and bio-pest-free environment. Chlorine dioxide gas is an excellent odor eliminator, even at low concentrations, and is SterileStart’s “go-to” for odor removal in the Charleston, SC, area.

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Sick Home Syndrome

Sick Home Syndrome is a phenomenon where occupants develop specific physical symptoms when spending time in their home. Symptoms often include cough, chest tightness, nausea, lightheadedness, throat and nasal irritation, fatigue or other constant and/or recurring illnesses.

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Advanced Technologies

SterileStart utilizes several cutting-edge technologies to address bio-burdens such as mold and bacteria through treatment and/or system installation.

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