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Bio-Burdens | Mold - Bacteria - Viruses


Bio-burdens are microbial contaminants, such as mold and bacteria, that live on surfaces in your home and contaminate the air you breathe.

Left unchecked, bio-burdens can negatively affect your health and continuously strain your immune system.

Normal cleaning does very little to control them. You can vacuum, mop, dust and maybe even disinfect easy-to-reach surfaces; but what about hard-to-reach, impossible-to-reach and unseen biological contaminants? Bio-burdens such as mold and bacteria are everywhere, yet they are rarely visible and often thrive in inaccessible locations.

SterileStart significantly reduces airborne contaminants and aggressively attacks surface bio-burdens in your home, eliminating their immediate threat and helping your immune system stay at maximum capacity. Every home has unwanted bio-burdens - don’t let the ones in your home compromise your family’s health!

Bio-Pest Sensitive

Advanced Microbial Management - SterileStart's whole-home solutions are safe and extremely effective against unseen bio-pests (mold, bacteria, viruses) lingering in your home and provide 24/7 protection to limit future activity.

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The body’s immune system uses a number of defenses to prevent or get rid of infections caused by organisms such as bacteria, fungi or viruses. The immune system, however, can be weakened (immunocompromised) by a number of diseases and/or their treatments.

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Aspergillus is the mold most commonly associated with health-related reactions and is also the most problematic mold in the Southeast. Most alarming is that Aspergillus is rarely visible. Undetected, it can saturate the air in your home with spores and mycotoxins that continuously wear on your immune system and result in a host of heath reactions.

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Odor, VOC's, and Toxins

Many of the solutions SterileStart provides to protect the immunocompromised and provide relief for the bio-pest sensitive are also excellent at eliminating odors! By eliminating/neutralizing mold and odor-causing bacteria (and their associated byproducts), odors are eliminated, leaving you with a fresh and bio-pest free environment.

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