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Bio-Burdens | Mold - Bacteria - Viruses


Bio-burdens are microbial contaminants, such as mold and bacteria, that live on surfaces in your home and contaminate the air you breathe.

Left unchecked, bio-burdens can negatively affect your health and continuously strain your immune system.

Normal cleaning does very little to control them. You can vacuum, mop, dust and maybe even disinfect easy-to-reach surfaces; but what about hard-to-reach, impossible-to-reach and unseen biological contaminants? Bio-burdens such as mold and bacteria are everywhere, yet they are rarely visible and often thrive in inaccessible locations.

SterileStart significantly reduces airborne contaminants and aggressively attacks surface bio-burdens in your home, eliminating their immediate threat and helping your immune system stay at maximum capacity. Every home has unwanted bio-burdens - don’t let the ones in your home compromise your family’s health!

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