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Air Purification For Your Charleston Home

There’s more to indoor air quality in Charleston than buying high-efficiency filters. While filters are a useful first defense against larger particles, they are no match for a multitude of microbials that can endanger your health. Even high-efficiency pleated filters stop short of filtering viruses and VOCs and most bacteria and mold spores. And that is if the contaminants even make it to the filter in the first place.

Through advanced antimicrobial treatment and active air and surface purification, SterileStart addresses impurities at the source and provides 24/7 lasting protection – guaranteed.

SterileStart was created by GLS Engineering & Testing in response to industry-wide general misconceptions about what it really takes to make and keep a home bio-pest free. And our science-based, advanced technologies are almost always more cost-effective than traditional “remediation” methods that fail to provide the same level of air and surface purification you can expect from SterileStart.

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