Tips On Charleston Indoor Air Quality Solutions

The Importance Of Humidity Control For Your Charleston HomeThere are times when solving an indoor air quality problem results in the need for significant repairs such as removing and replacing insulation, drywall, rotting wood, flooring, and other materials.

If there are ways to prevent problems like mold, mildew, and rotting, it makes much more sense to prevent them rather than pay for extensive home repairs. Good indoor air quality can be achieved by starting with balanced humidity levels. Everyone in the Charleston area of South Carolina knows how much humidity is in our climate year round. Another problem is environmental pollution that gets trapped inside our homes. Air cleaners are now becoming a basic necessity due to the increased levels of indoor air pollutants such as pet dander, dust, mold, toxic gasses, and more. If we want to ensure that we have healthy home environments, then air quality solutions are essential. GLS Engineering offers some of the most trusted brands of air quality equipment in Charleston. We can provide you with all the information necessary to control the quality of your indoor air. Here are some tips from our pros.

Humidity Control Solutions In Charleston

Too little moisture indoors causes itchy eyes, dry skin, chapped lips, and sinus infections. Too much indoor air moisture causes mold or mildew, wet insulation, wood rotting, and a score of other cosmetic problems. In order to keep the humidity level balanced inside your home, you need a whole home humidification system. This is an important solution to better indoor air quality. If you would like more information on humidification systems in Charleston, be sure to contact GLS Engineering. We supply Charleston with indoor air quality solutions every day. We would love to help you achieve good, healthy indoor air quality to avoid mold problems, health problems, and other expensive issues.

Air Purifiers & Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration systems are important in our Charleston homes due to poor indoor air quality. It is most often caused by inadequate ventilation, increased levels of indoor air pollution, pet dander, dust, mold, or the buildup of toxic gasses. Air purifiers and air filters are an important solution for improving the air quality in your Charleston home.
  • Removes Airborne Contaminants & Illnesses from The Indoor Air
  • Helps People With Respiratory Problems Breathe Better
  • Removes Gaseous Pollutants from Indoor Air
  • Helps Reduce Allergens That Cause Allergies
  • Many Reduce Airborne Viruses And Bacteria
  • Removes Odors from Indoor Air
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