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Suspect Mold In Your Home? Tips On Air Quality Testing

Air quality tips on mold

Do you want to clean the air inside of your home? Are you tired of having breathing problems? It's important to filter the air inside your home as the dirt and other pollutants blow out through the HVAC system and through the ducts into your home. It's well worth the investment to have an indoor air quality test to determine whether or not you need to install an air scrubber.

With the right air filtration system, tiny microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and mold spores can be removed. Here are a few tips that can help you to improve the indoor air quality of your home in Charleston.

Where To Find Air Quality Testing In Charleston

Getting your indoor air healthy is one of our specialties at GLS Engineering & Testing. We can test for mold and high humidity as well as provide you with the appropriate indoor air quality solutions. Different homes have different needs and every homeowner also has unique needs too so there will be different problems and solutions.

If you are interested in finding out what's in your home's air and what type of system you'll need to get it cleaned, we'll be glad to come out and test the indoor air quality. GLS Engineering & Testing is your local Charleston specialists for mold testing and investigation, moisture analysis, air quality solutions, and humidity control.

We've helped many homeowners clean up their indoor air so they can live in a comfortable, safe environment. Let us help you solve the problems so you can enjoy healthy indoor air for years to come.

Air Cleaners, Air Scrubbers, Air Purifiers, Air Filtration Systems - What's The Difference?

When you are looking for air cleaning equipment, you will come across many different terms. Air scrubbers and air purifiers generally refer to the more complex systems that can trap or kill microorganisms down to very small sizes.

Some air filtration systems will trap microscopic spores and bacteria. The best air purifiers are quality HEPA air purifiers that come in different sizes for the square footage of the home. For the best results, be sure you go with HEPA air purifier that is directly installed rather than a portable. This system treats the air all at once rather than one room at a time.

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