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Black Mold Removal in Charleston, SC

Black mold removal

Performed an Indoor Air Quality Inspection for a couple in Charleston. The wife was the one to call and said, I quote: “I hate my Kitchen because it makes me sick”. She wasn’t talking about the décor, it was literally making her sick. Our investigation discovered a refrigerator that, due to a bad door seal, was causing condensation and water to leak onto the floor. Using a moisture meter, it was confirmed that the floor and surrounding baseboards were saturated. Air samples were taken, and a swab sample was taken from the cabinetry that surrounded the refrigerator. High levels of Stachybotrys (Black Mold) with active growth were detected with the swab sample. The next step is to replace the refrigerator and perform a complete remediation, including areas that were affected in the crawl space. GLS is confident that our client will “Love” her Kitchen again.

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