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Mold Testing in Summerville, SC

Mold summerville

GLS was called to perform mold testing for a couple living in Summerville, SC. They had experienced a prolonged period of very high humidity due to faulty HVAC operation and issues with an outdoor air intake duct. There was visible mold on their clothing in the Master Closet, so they wanted to make sure the indoor air quality had not been impacted. Unfortunately, the long period of high humidity allowed Aspergillus/Penicillium (the mold group most commonly associated with health-related reactions in the Charleston area) to take hold and start to flourish. Although the only visible mold was on their clothing, and in an isolated location (closet), Asp/Pen counts were over 8,000 spores per cubic meter on the First Floor and over 5,000 spores per cubic meter on the Second Floor. Due to the preemptive mold testing performed by GLS, they were able to understand the severity of the contamination and remediate the mold quickly and before their health was affected.

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